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Peony Tutorial

Tutorial: Peony | Leslea Matsis Cakes | Louth, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

Peony Tutorial

Make a beautiful, lush and romantic peony and be amazed and the look you have created.

$21.99 USD

Learn the highly sought after techniques to create a beautiful and lush peony. With soft frothy looking petals, this peony will give you the look you need to create a romantic wedding or celebration cake.

Start by creating the centre of the peony. Then learn how to use a sequence of cutters to enlarge the flower row by row. Give the peony the full and luscious feel by incorporating veining and frilling techniques, then follow Leslea's easy and relaxed instructions on how to confidently insert wires into the outer petals and place them around the peony.

To finish, place the completed peony on a cake adding more petals to create a peony in full bloom.

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