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"I view each cake as a piece of art. It has to be pleasing to the eye, balanced, symmetrical, have clean lines - but most of all it has to be beautiful."  Leslea Matsis

Leslea Matsis is a cake artist from Louth, Lincolnshire in the UK. Specialising in sugar flowers and wedding cakes, she is renowned for creating cakes and cupcakes that capture the romance and beauty of the classic vintage style.


Leslea caters for the growing desire to create a showpiece cake for weddings in the Lincolnshire region. With each bride she designs intricate details using dress features and matching colours to complete each work of art.


Leslea worked as a primary school teacher before opening a successful cake business. In her spare time she is a wife, mum of two boys and is a homeschool teacher. She is in demand as a cake instructor and well known on various social media forums such as facebook and instagram.


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