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Lace Overlay Tutorial

Tutorial: Lace Overlay | Leslea Matsis Cakes | Louth, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

 Lace Overlay Tutorial

Create a show-stopping cake by including some edible guipure style lace to complete the theme of your wedding.

$17.99 USD

In this simple tutorial Leslea will show how easy it is to replicate the gorgeous bridal guipure lace popular on bridal dresses. Complete the romantic look of your wedding by including this show-stopping lace on your cake also.

First you will learn how to make your own gumpaste for your lace, then you will be shown which silicone molds create the best effect and learn where to purchase them. Through step by step instructions Leslea will show how to create the desired guipure lace effect with clean lines and a tidy finish.

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